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To become a Roofing Contractor Member or Associate Member, please fill out the application form and mail or FAX it to us. You may pay by check or credit card. Make check payable to ORCA.

Roofing Contractor - $250.00/Year       Associate Member - $225.00/Year

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Member Benefits

The Bureau of Workers’ Compensation offers a number of programs that allow employers to receive discounts on their workers’ compensation premiums. Hunter Consulting Company can assist employers in choosing the most cost effective program for their company and then continue service by assisting the employer in meeting all program deadlines and requirements.
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ORCA is the only association in Ohio that is dedicated to the sole purpose of working for you, the roofing contractor. This Web site is designed to help you stay informed about current issues that affect your business, as well as providing access to contractor services and product suppliers.

We appreciate your interest in our association and value your input in order to make this site an important resource for all roofing professionals. If you are already an ORCA member, thanks for your support.

If you are not a member, please consider joining today.

Giving you more for your dollar every day!

This plan provides members with the ability to get back their investment in dues many times over. Every ORCA Member is entitled to one free telephone consultation per month with ORCA Legal Counsel, Bob Dunlevey of Taft, Stettinius & Hollister, LLP. This firm specializes in Labor Law, OSHA, and Construction Contract Law.

Luther Liggett, Jr. of Brickler and Eckler, LLP serves as the lobbyist for ORCA . Luther is active in the state legislature, and along with the ORCA Legislative Committee, was successful in passing the Independent Contractors Legislation. Luther and the Committee are currently working on a Statewide Roofing Contractors License; and are monitoring Workers Compensation issues.

FOCUS highlights Association activities, upcoming events, and special interest jobs, as well as having featured articles on such topics as asbestos, roof safety, workers’ compensation, and construction contract law.

The Bulletin brings industry news to our members in between newsletter issues. It also provides information in a condensed format.

ORCA in conjunction with Professional Safety Systems, Inc. offers ORCA Members a complete safety program that is customized to each specific firm at a very reasonable cost. The program has the additional benefit of being updated continually.

In February of each year ORCA holds its Annual Convention and Trade Show. The Convention features seminars specifically geared to your concerns as a roofing contractor. The Trade Show features all of the main roofing products and services. ORCA Members can enjoy the latest in educational seminars and see the latest in roofing products all in one day!

In addition to the seminar schedule offered at the Annual Convention, ORCA offers seminars throughout the year on topics such as Safety, Sales Tax, Retainage, Warranties, etc.

This event, held in the Spring of each year, shows that business can be pleasure. This opportunity for a great day of golf, a wonderful dinner, and lots of prizes is made even more valuable by the added chance to build social relationships with your colleagues from the roofing industry.

For over ten years the Ohio Roofing Contractors Association Workers’ Compensation Group Rating Program has been administered by Hunter Consulting Company. By participating in our group your company can save up to 51% on your Workers’ Compensation premium payment to the state. This is an extremely important revenue saving program that is offered by ORCA, which will impact your company’s bottom-line in a positive light.

ORCA, in conjunction with Nursing Corps, Inc., has established a Drug Free Workplace Program that assists our member firms in complying with the Ohio Drug Free Workplace requirements, obtaining Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Premium Discounts for Level 1 through Level 3 Employers; and it assists our member firms in obtaining their BWC Grant rebates for a drug and alcohol free environment. The program also provides a database, identification cards, and access to statewide testing facilities.

The website is a key item in our ongoing program to promote our ORCA Member Contractors. This web site is not only designed to help the roofing customer find an ORCA Member in their area, it is also designed to help you the contractor stay informed about current issues that affect your business, as well as providing access to contractor services and product suppliers.

ORCA Members receive the service of a full time staff; ready to give direct answers to your questions or to find the source with the answer you need.

For more detailed information on any of these services, please contact ORCA.